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100% Vinyl Tilt-Sash Window

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Available in White, Brown and Beige

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KEL-EEZ® Double Hung Windows

Outstanding Performance Combined with Beauty, Energy, Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

  • KEL-EEZ® Double Hung Window tilts in by design. This permits safe and easy cleaning from indoors.

  • Special dual Durometer glazing provides a continuous, non-shrinking seal around the glass.

  • The Double Hung Window comes with 7/8" Insert, Dual Glazed Insulated glass with optional Tinted Glass or Low-E Glass and Argon Gas Insulator. (Low E Glass is a barrier to ultraviolet rays that can fade the color of your interior home. Argon Gas is a safe, colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic inert gas used to increase the energy efficiency of a window.)

  • All Double Hung Windows are custom made to your requirements and each window is tested for air leaks before leaving our factory.

  • The Double Hung Window is available for replacement or new home construction.

  • The Double Hung Window is maintenance free and is manufactured from high-impact, solid color, rigid vinyl extrusions with a multi-chambered insulating air space design for strength and dimensional stability.

  • The Double Hung Window has a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all vinyl parts.

Heat Loss in BTU's Per Hour

Aluminum 1416.0
Steel 312.0
Glass 3.6
Vinyl 1.3
Wood 1.2

Heat loss through aluminum is over a 1000 times faster than through vinyl

Double Pane Glass

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Colors: White, Beige and Brown

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Tilt for Easy Cleaning


Performance Test Results

  • U-Value = 0.49 Btu/Hr-Ft˛/Degree F. This value measures the rate of heat flow by conduction through the window. The lower the U-Value, the lower the rate of heat transfer (heat loss or heat gain.

  • R-Value = 2.04 (Resistance to heat transfer.)

  • CRF = 54
    The condensation resistance factor (CRF) is an indicator of how well the window will resist the formation of condensation on its interior surface. The higher the CRF, the better the performance.

  • Air infiltration = 0.09 cubic feet per minute per lineal foot of crack length at a wind speed of 25 mph.

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